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Studio is open on Fridays of even weeks 12 am-4 pm. Welcome to visit us!

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Past Events

Saana Murtti a member of Pot Viapori studio participates as invited artist in Musée D´Arts De Nantes for its major exhibition year 2023.


A perspective on hyperrealistic sculpture,

from 7 April 3 September 2023. Musée d´arts de Nantes, France.´  



HAA gallery, Suomenlinna

PAIKKA-PLATSEN- THE PLACE  10.9.-4.12.2022 

Craft Museum of Finland

Welcome to visit our exhibition!

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Pot Viapori 50 years anniversary exhibitions




POTS und BLITZ, Wien

from 23. to 25.Sebtember 2022

Selected ceramic  artists from Austria and the neighboring countries will present their ceramic art.

Chosen from Finland is Pot Viaporis Member Soile Paasonen.

Pots und Blitz.jpeg


PAIKKA-PLATSEN- THE PLACE  6.8.-26.8.2022 

Machinery Hall, Suomenlinna


Photo exhibition at Fotocentrum  gallery 18.1.-19.2.2022


Pot Viapori´s member Pirjo Pesonen has her photo exhibition at Fotocentrum gallery Raseborg.

She is showing also some ceramic statues.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Due to the Corona epidemy Pot Viapori is temporary closed for public.

We work safely behind closed doors.

Our art pieces are presented on our  windows.

Christmas at Pot Viapori

Welcome to visit our studio November 27-28. Between 12-16 pm.

Keramikpanorama open-air exhibition4.9.-5.9.2021

Pantschau am See Murten , Switzerland

It presents the works of around 100 exhibitors from Europe and Switzerland.

From Finland Soile Paasonen, member of Pot Viapori.

Motto: Fresh air, fresh energy!




Okra Craft and Design shop exhibition 14.8.-5.9.2021

Eeva Jokinen and Johanna Ojanen members of Pot Viapori association present their work at the exhibition.



Okra shop exhibition inWindow-Gallery at Craft Museum of Finland 22.5-12.9.2021

The show features two members of the Association of Pot Viapori : Eeva Jokinen and Johanna Ojanen



Suomenlinna Pot Viapori Art Watch Autumn season 2020



Handmade in Europe

From Finland Soile Paasonen, member of Pot Viapori.

Suomenlinna Art Walk Spring season 2020

Due to the Corona epidemy Pot Viapori`s Spring season Art Walk open Fridays are canceled.

Anyway Spring arrives, keep safe and sound!

Ornamon Teosmyynti 7-15.3.2020

Ornamon Teosmyynti X MUJI 7-15-3-2020

Christmas Fair November 30. and December 1. at 12–16.

Autumn Art Walks September 6th. until November 29th. Fridays at 12-16.

Konstrundan Open studios 7.9.-8.9. Saturday-Sunday 11-17