Johanna Ojanen

s. 1967, Curriculum vitae



This serie consists of plates made of coloured clay layers. The structure of the plates is visible in the striped rims.

Coloured clay is typical element of my work. I dye the clays myself and constantly develop new mixtures.

The name of the serie, sukulakua, refers to a traditional Finnish liquorice with chokolate filling.

For cream, milk, sugar, salt.
I form the pitchers by squeezing. The squeezed form serves here functionality, it transforms cone to a pitcher.

Pitchers are individual; of different sizes, forms or colours. To me word serie stands for similarity of the objects.

On the beach
Serie consists of minisculptures, mainly of jewellery. The mother of the serie is the installation "on the beach" made in 2002.

My way of working is often experimental, playing with forms and ideas. Seeking of forms and movement by squeezing is captivating, and I create many of my objects with this technique. The actual work prosess is important as such, and material part of the final object.

On the beach serie is inspired by shapes of human body.

Phoebe from Cambridge, Massachussets, USA, blogged about my rings some time ago.